The post sale is crucial to strengthen the relationship with customers, especially in the case of a tester, a customer that use for the first time our product or service and is considering whether to repeat the purchase in the future.

Through a CRM software you can effectively manage and shared the following situations:

  • any problems or customer requirements concerning the product or service purchased
  • customer need to overview the progress of work
  • create an overview of the requests made by customers for each specific product or service;
  • This function allows for example to make evaluations and possibly change some attributes of specific products and services based on customer requirements
  • create reports to facilitate the work of the technicians

Below we see how, in customer support area, you can open the “Ticket” through which take charge of customer demands, establish priorities and importance, put them in certain categories of intervention, connect them to a customer master data.


Create a new ticket:


Below we see instead an overview of the requests, divided by type of product, very useful feedback about our products and services


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