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Become part of an ever-expanding sales network with the support of an innovative training plan and an Open Source application with BPM heart and and IoT events module IoT.

Partner Program – vtenext Academy

Our retail network is constantly growing and is backed by an innovative training programme, an open-source application with a BPM heart and a IoT events module.
Furthermore, with vtenext ACADEMY, a program of certifications and development, stay up to date on all the news and developments of vtenext.
Our partner

that want to help their customers implement strategies and flows specifically designed for their business, and at the same time benefit from advanced solutions with high customization possibilities.


that want to strengthen their customers’ sales networks by means of a universal, user-friendly tool that also features some of the most innovative analysis and reporting systems.
Our network of certified Partners and Dealers is constantly growing. It currently consists of more than 50 companies and over 100 certified developers working in the VTE SDK environment and several dozens of VTE Project Managers.
Through our network of partners and dealers we are present all over the world, especially in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
We are at your side in any implementation and consulting activity related to the development of the vtenext project.


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