With a CRM software you can, in addition to sharing the agendas of the various corporate figures to make appointments quickly and always have a vision of set of joint activities of the various corporate figures, record the transactions, making follow the marketing actions most appropriate.
The contact with a potential new customer is defined lead. Today we talk a lot about how to acquire new leads, but  it is equally important to understand how to properly manage the leads so that they become a real business opportunity for our company.
In the leads schedule of VTECRM you can record all data of the contact person and the company for which he works or represents.
As we see in the screenshots below in the schedule are shown, as well as information about subscribers, the channel through which this contact has received and the person responsible for the management of the lead.

schedaLeadEnThe leads can come from different marketing activities (eg: fairs, newsletters, call center, from your website, word of mouth, etc.), it is therefore important to trace their origin in order to assess the most effective communication channels for our company, the return your investments in advertising and for adjust accordingly your future marketing efforts.

For every lead we can also manage and share marketing activities associated with, for example, appointments, phone calls, newsletters sent, attachments sent.

The lead, if managed appropriately, becomes a sales opportunities and possible negotiation.

In this way all data is recorded and the delicate and crucial stage of the lead management is monitored with ease.


convertLeadEn 2

Once managed the lead, those have resulted in business opportunities are easily managed and monitored in the opportunity panel.

Opportunity area is a kind of container of the negotiation and of all the information on it, in particular the documents and communications between your company and the customer.

Feasibility studies, technical documents, approval cycles, estimates and revisions, email with attachments: everything will be stored in the opportunity and trackable, even after some time.


The information may also be used later for business goals and forecast report.

All this will be very useful in order to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales force and to better plan future business and marketing operations.


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