Through a CRM software all the information concerning the client that are derived from different business areas, in particular from the sales force, from the administration, from  the technical area etc. are easily consulted and used by other areas of organization.
In the companies form you can see all details of clients acquired and lost, prospects and other partners, such as dealers, distributors, ecc.
The Contacts module contains data of the individuals with you relate, in particular the representatives of the companies (customers, partners or otherwise), private customers (or potential) or representatives of suppliers. The contact module also contains interesting functions such as: ability to check a flag if you want the contact is no called again, the notification to assignee of contact if the data concerning him are changed, a specific link with other contacts.
All this information, in addition to being essential to establish a lasting relationship with the customer, allow to speed and streamline business processes thanks to a smart and full communication between different company figures.
Of course during the phase of inclusion of a CRM application in the organization there will be some delays and staff inflexible to change you will find difficulties. After this short period, however, your company will have a great advantage in terms of speed, productivity and finding information and data will be priceless.

See below some screenshots on the customer master vtecrm and some modules available for shared management of the information and documents.

Mask of master data with customers information, shared with certain business areas or specific figures.


Below we see how customer information can be broken down so quickly find the activities concerning the client, rather than other criteria such as communications undertaken. We also see, in the lower left, how to initiate conversations quickly and easily with the various corporate figures.


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