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An efficient after-sales and support service is the main tool for building customer loyalty and maintaining a high level of satisfaction, with important effects on the external perception of a brand.
vtenext service tickets are the best way to address problems and critical issues, as they create an immediate and direct communication channel between a company and its customers.

In order to achieve the benefits described above, tickets must be managed and solved in the shortest time possible, according to their level of urgency and priority.
To this end we have implemented a process which ensures that service tickets are constantly tracked and closed quickly.

The process starts every time a customer sends a service request (ticket). First of all the ticket category is checked.
If the category is ‘Big Problem’, a task script automatically changes ticket priority to ‘urgent’ and sends a pop-up notification to the ticket assignee.

Through the pop-up notification the assignee can choose whether to continue managing the ticket or assign it to another user/colleague.
If the category is not ‘Big Problem’, the process automatically sends a pop-up notification changing the assignee but not the ticket’s priority.

Two options are available at this stage:

1) if the assignee is not changed, the ticket is solved and switches to closed status. An email notification of closed ticket is sent, together with all the details of the service provided.
2) if the assignee is changed, the new user in charge of the ticket receives a detailed email containing the ticket’s ID, number, type, etc.

Only when the ticket is solved will the assignee receive an email notification of closed ticket.
With this solution the ticket assignee is constantly kept up to date on service activities and is safeguarded from possible oversights, to the benefit of customer satisfaction.

Ticket management activities can be scheduled and allocated to members of staff thanks to a better internal communication flow.
With the “SLA Times” function the time required for service activities and closing tickets can be measured for statistical purposes, and targeted marketing campaigns can be planned.

Download the process for free and improve your ticket management workflow to achieve better customer satisfaction.

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