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CRM come strumento di comunicazione aziendale

We have said a lot of times how important it is to communicate constantly with our customers,

in order to keep alive the relationship and inform our audience about news, events and special offers.

Thanks to a CRM application is possible to have professional tools in order to communicate with our stakeholders, sending out different messages depending on the target and monitoring the results of our activities.

In vtecrm there is a Newsletter module that allows management and mass mailing of newsletters to companies , contacts and leads. In addition to sending emails to an unlimited number of recipients , the module has all the statistics related to the sending.

In general , a newsletter is contained in a campaign , and a campaign contains all the communications that have been sent over the years on various channels.

The Campaigns module allows then to segment activities calibrating mailings based on objectives and targets .

Below we see how you can create campaigns , modules that can be used to record data and contacts and use them for different communication channels , for example for weekly newsletter focus on a specific target.


Once the campaign is created you have to decide the target of the campaign.This operation is very important as better able to identify the ideal recipient of our message and the greater our chances of reading, analysis and generation of sales opportunities.


After creating the campaign , you can create the communication campaign on the first channel , such as Newsletter.

The newsletter will be sent in such a massive way to the target of the campaign.

Thanks to the application you can also choose the graphical templates for the newsletter to increase the impact and the effectiveness of our communication !




createNL1Once you made the sending you can enter in Statistics and view summary graphs and data related to the campaign.

This tool is very useful in evaluating the actions carried out and if necessary recalibrate the communication .

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